About Us


We care about our customers

We will always strive to help you with all your needs regarding Orcus Remote Administrator.

We are accountable

We are accountable for our product. We will always digitally sign our executable files, to ensure security and reliablilty.

We promote Transparency

We have nothing to hide. Because of that, we don't obfuscate our code, nor attempt to prevent you from reading it. The only thing we disallowed is theft of code.

We support developers

Do you want to develop something regarding Orcus? We want you to as well! We will do our best to help and support you in any way.

Orcus Technologies

<Orcus Technologies is a registered business in Ontario, Canada. It is the brain child of Sorzus and Armada. The primary focus is networking and easy availability to network resources in a reliable technical model.