What do I need to write a plugin?
First, you have to know the basics of one supported programming language: Visual Basic .Net, Visual C# or C++. You can use your favorite IDE, we suggest Visual Studio 2015 Community. Last, you need our developer package including a program to create the plugin.

General information
A client plugin must address the .Net Framework 3.5 and an administration plugin must address the .Net Framework 4.5. Every plugin needs a thumbnail. The recommended size is 240 x 135 px. You can find our documentation here
Getting Started
First, you have to decide which type of plugin you want to write. There are 7 different types of plugins
Type Interface Description Tutorial Example
Administration IAdministrationPlugin Modify the GUI of the administration window and receive serve events Visual C#, Visual Basic Notify Manager, Server Stress Test
Audio IAudioPlugin Provide audio files to play on the client's system Audio packs
Build IBuildPlugin Modify the build file Visual C#, Visual Basic Extension Spoofer, Build Pumper
Client ClientController Modify the behavior of the client e. g. the startup, connection tries, installation Visual C#, Visual Basic BSoD protection
Command and View Command (Client) &
ICommandAndView (Administration)
Two libraries: One for the client and one for the administration. Add a new view to the client actions, can
send commands to the client.
Visual C#, Visual Basic Microphone Recorder
Factory Command and View IFactoryClientCommand (Client) &
ICommandAndView (Administration)
The same like Command and View but there's also a class which is directly loaded at
startup and can collect information
Keylogger, GamerView
View IViewPlugin Only a view which has access to all existing commands CLI commands