Version 1.8



  • Basic information about the client (operating system, language, privileges, path, ip address, ...)
  • Uninstall, Kill, Make Admin
  • Access to all static commands
  • Show the applied settings
  • Show all plugins loaded or failed to load by the client
Reverse Proxy
  • Use the client's internet connection as a proxy


Active Connections
  • Show all UDP/TCP connections of the client's pc
  • Show the process which opened the connection
  • Get a lot of information about the client's pc
  • Categories: Operating System, System, Bios, Hardware (Processor, Videocard), Software, Network (local addresses, geo location data), Drives
  • Recover passwords from famous applications (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, FileZilla, Internet Explorer, JDownloader, Opera, Thunderbird, WinSCP, Pidgin, ...)
  • Recover cookies from webbrowsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex)
  • Performance graphs for CPU, Memory and Ethernet


  • Play different audio files on the client's pc (Mosquito, Tornado sirens, etc.)
  • Select playback device
  • Expandable by plugins
  • Show/Hide taskbar
  • Show/Hide desktop
  • Show/Hide clock
  • Swap/Restore mouse buttons
  • Enable/Disable taskmanager
  • Block user input
  • Hold mouse
  • Open website multiple times
  • Change desktop wallpaper
  • Turn monitor off
  • Trigger bluescreen
  • Hang system
  • Shutdown/Log off/Restart computer
  • Rotate monitor
  • Let it burn (That will make a screenshot of the desktop, set it rotated as a desktop wallpaper and rotate the monitor. Then it will hide all desktop icons and taskbar so it looks like everything is right expect the rotated cursor)
  • Change keyboard layout to QWERTZ, QWERTY or AZERTY


  • Begin a support chat with the client
  • Select window title and your name, prevent closing, minimize other windows, set topmost
  • Write and execute C# code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view
  • Write and execute VB.Net code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view
  • Write and execute batch code, syntax hightlighted editor and create no window option
  • Set icon, buttons, caption and text of the message box, test it on your own pc and open it on the client's pc
User Interaction
  • Text to speech (you can define the voice, the speed and the volume)
  • Open notepad with defined title and text
  • Open balloon tooltip (you can set the icon, the title, the text and the time it will stay open)
Voice Chat
  • Allows to activate the transmission of your and the client's microphone
  • Fast transmission and fast codec (Opus)
  • Define transmission mode and bitrate


  • Use the console like cmd, support for special characters (like umlauts)
Device Manager
  • List all connected devices grouped
  • Show properties like the status, device id, description, manufacturer and information about the driver
  • Activate or deactivate devices
Drivers config
  • Show and edit Windows driver configuration files (Hosts, Networks, Protocol and Services)
Event Log
  • Receive system event log, application event log or security event log
File Explorer
  • Interface like the Windows file explorer
  • Download, rename, create or remove files and directories
  • Download directly to the server
  • Execute files with arguments, verbs and other settings
  • Show properties of files (size, dates, details like size of a picture or bitrate of a video) and calculate hash values (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
  • Upload files
  • Open Console here
  • Go back/forward
  • Pinned folders of the client's system are directly added to the tree view (Dropbox, OneDrive, Creative Cloud Files, etc.)
  • Support for special folders like the recycle bin
  • Search for files in the current folder
  • Enter path directly or select the path with autocomplete and drop down
  • Receive all installed programs
  • Start uninstaller of a program
  • Open path in File Explorer
  • Open/create/remove sub keys
  • List all values from sub key
  • Enter path directly with auto complete support
  • Create/edit/remove String Value, Binary Value, DWORD Value, QWORD Value, Multi-String Value or Expandable String Value
Startup Manager
  • Display autostart programs gathered from different locations (registry and folders)
  • Disable/Enable entries
  • Remove entries
  • Open path in File Explorer
System Restore
  • Display all system restore points
  • Create a new restore point
  • Restore/Delete a restore point
  • List all open processes in a tree view
  • Provide different columns: Name, Start Time, Private Bytes, Working Set, PID, Company Name, Description
  • Color rows depending on different properties of processes
  • Bring to front, Restore, Maximize, Minimize or close a process window
  • Kill process or the full process tree
  • Change process priority
  • Suspend/Resume process
  • Open process path in File Explorer
  • Show different properties of that process: description, file/product version, path, command line, parent, user
Volume Control
  • Set the master volume and the volume of the channels for a playback/recording device
Window Manager
  • Show all opened windows, visible and invisible
  • Filter windows to only show visible, search for window titles
  • Minimize, Maximize, Restore
  • Bring to front, topmost, loose topmost
  • Close window
Windows Customizer
  • Change Windows settings


Live Keylogger
  • Show the keys the client presses in realtime
Remote Desktop
  • Select capture mode, Connection, compression, screen and quality
  • See the desktop with 25 FPS+
  • Enable mouse clicks, mouse movement, keyboard inputs and cursor
  • Save current image as jpg, png, bmp or gif
  • Access the client's webcam
  • Select a webcam, webcam resolution and transmission quality and start a live view

Other windows


Gerneral Settings
  • Set client group
  • Set mutex (to prevent multiple instances running)
  • Enable/Disable keylogger
  • Set if the application is only executable with administrator rights
  • Add ip address and port the client should connect to (you can add as much as you want)
  • Let the client connect through a proxy (detect default proxy or set SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy)
  • Set reconnect delay (the time between each try to connect)
  • Respawn task - create a task which attempts to restart the client every 5 min.
  • Watchdog - An application which watches the client and restarts it if it crashes or closes
  • Set if the client should get installed
  • Select location (with support for environment variables)
  • Change creation date
  • Hide file
  • Set "Run this program as an administrator" flag
  • Force administrator privileges for the installer
  • Add to autostart (registry or task scheduler)
  • Install service
Assembly Information
  • Change assembly information (title, description, company, product, copyright, ...)
  • Select the plugins which should be injected into the client
  • Select build plugins
  • Change icon
  • Select Framework version

Crowd Control

  • Display all active/finished tasks
  • Create a new task
    • Select the command and set parameters
    • Select trigger (immediately, date and time, on join, every client once, repeating)
    • Add conditions (client version, operating system, privileges, ...)
    • Select execution mode (date and time, idle)
    • Select targeted groups or specific clients
  • Add a new preset command which can be accessed from the main GUI


  • Show all exceptions which were send by clients in a defined time period
  • See details about the exception and the environment
  • A text report is generated which contains all information and which can be redirected to the developer to fix the bug

Data Manager

  • Display all saved data on the server (passwords, key logs, saved data by the file explorer)
  • View or download data
  • Remove data

World Map

  • Show a zoomable world map with all clients (online and offline)
  • Show exact coordinates of a client by moving over the mark


  • Information about the server (up time, database size, memory usage)
  • Connected clients history graph
  • New clients graph
  • Currently connected and disconnected clients
  • Operating systems
  • Privileges
  • Languages


  • Show information about the running Orcus process (CPU and Memory)
  • Show incoming and outgoing packages with a short description, timestamp and size
  • You control Orcus and not otherwise!


  • Browse and download plugins
  • Uninstall plugins
  • Update plugins


  • Choose language (german/english)
  • Choose theme (light/dark)
  • Choose accent color (blue, red, emerald, magenta ...)
  • Log view (top, bottom)